Sunday, January 8, 2012

Relaxation and Pain things

I am always wanting to figure out new ways of relaxing myself since i am a generally high strung person and I have a hard time winding down and sleeping.

other than massage and acupuncture...

taking baths...I LOVE taking baths. right now I have my ipod player in the bathroom downstairs that has the jacuzzi tub. My current favorite things when i take a bath are:
  • Chris Cornell's Song Book acoustic album (I love his voice)
  • Lavender Sleep Epsom Salts
  • Blissful Bath Bath Bombs, Blissful bath is a bath store in Woodbury, MN that I am obsessed with, its all natural products there and that have a lot of fun things there. I have the Sleeping , Oh my Achy Muscles, Mango Margarita and Oh my Stuffy Nose Bath bombs, they have little scrub truffles that are wrapped like chocolate.

I am also in love with Yogi's Kava Tea Stress Relief. I really like to drink this on the nights I have to take my shots.

I love doing yoga but I am terrible at getting myself to do actual yoga but I am always stretching, I think it will be easier now that I can watch streaming Netflix yoga programs upstairs while Dustin is downstairs.

My flax seed heat up shawl. This thing is amazing. My mom recently make me a new cover for it because I have used it so much. I am always cold, which is opposite of people with MS. I am always heating it up before I go to bed, all day while I am at work, while I watch tv.... basically all the time.

I also take a lot of Ibuprofen I only like to use it for headaches and the nights that I take my shots, I have this anti inflammatory gel called Soothe from Mlis that I am always putting on my neck, its helps with headaches. I love Sombra too, I need to buy more though. I bought this other spray stuff that I cant remember the name off, its somewhere probably in my closet that I like to that is supposed to help with pain and muscle I got it at a fair i think.

I love anything that is aromatherapy too.

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