Sunday, January 8, 2012

3 days at the dog park in a row!

I can't believe this weather, it feels like october. I have now been to the dog park wednesday ,friday, saturday and today. It feels good to get out of the house and stretch my legs a little bit and socialize Sixx more.... even if that has resulted in giving him several baths.

I made potato soup in the crock pot with lots of spices and herbs. I got a little inspired by re-reading the Paleo diet. I dont really want to follow any strict diets, I want to enjoy life and food with out having it be run by it. I realized that I already eat a lot of the stuff (minus anything that lives in the sea) already. one of my first MS books I got was a book from my grandma called The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book. I think it has a lot of information about MS in it, I looked at some of the references and nothing is from the 2000's. I feel like there is so much more relevent information now because of how much progress there has been on treatments, medications and diet. I am really excited about how there is at least 3 more medications on the way to being FDA approved.

I just got my MS society programs book in the mail on friday, I just found out that they have now put the 20's and 30's group on facebook. I am really excited for that , I really want to be able to get to know even more people my age dealing with the disease. That was one of the most frustrating things I found when I was first diagnosed, I could only find older people and it was depressing to be around when you are still trying to figure the disease out. The 20's and 30's programs and happy hours have been so much fun and uplifting. My neurologist is speaking about managing symptoms next week and also the Women's Conference at the end of April, plus another 20's and 30s outing. So there are lots of things I am looking forward to doing.

I have a massage schedule tomorrow and acupuncture tuesday. I am a little sore from walking around a lot (a good kind of sore) and bending over the tub to give Sixx baths so I am going to take a bath tonight with my epsom salts and relax.

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