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want to sublease my room? want me to live on the west side?

August 23, 2007 at 6:08pm
hey everyone!so i need to move to the west side. my feet have been numb for 3 weeks and i cant handle the drive from the east side to the west side anymore, its too important for me to be near work.

a year ago...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007 at 1:33pm
so its been almost exactly a year since i was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Its amazing how the time has gone by. last year i was able to form a team called the space cadets and we raised A LOT of money and i believe were in 3rd place for the madison teams. This year i plan on participating in the madison and chippewa valley ms walk. i would love to have you join my team!we had about 20 people walk last year and i want to make it bigger and better. i would also like to schedule some fundraisers. being that some of you are in bands i want to try to schedule a benefit show and some other things. if you can help out in anyway that would be great! Thanks!!

November 26
Health Update

i had my 1 year check up last friday. since i had a relapse in may he wanted to do an MRI. i got the results from him on friday over the phone. he said there were new lesions on my brain which is to be expected everything i have a relapse. his concern was that some of the new lesions that showed up were still active. he thinks its probably time to start considering the shot treatments. my heart sank, although not surprised. some of you may know that my right leg has been numb for about 2 weeks. its REALLY annoying. it got better saturday for a little bit which was good since i had to walk down the isle for my sisters wedding. there are so many thoughts running through my head right now. like.. what happens now? can i finish school? is its going to be possible for me to accomplish my dream? why did this have to happen to me? should i move back home? i love madison and my friends that i have down there, especially the ones that have stuck by me the whole way and have been understanding about my fatigue,pain and mental retardedness i have from time to time.

cha cha changes

December 10, 2007 at 10:37am
lots of things to talk about.my sister got married 2 weeks ago, its still sinking in. the professional pictures got put up online. the whole thing has been kind of an emotional thing for me. i havent shown it at all. its weird, my sister is MARRIED. AHH! i've never seen her look so beautiful and happy. its also hard because i didnt get to help out with any of the planning since i was so far away. i feel like i'm missing out on a lot. its made me homesick for the first time in a long time. also, i love that little dog they have, even though she pee's all the time. biscotti time!i had to go to the neurologist friday because he thinks i should get put on the shots. as if seeing my brain a year ago with white spots wasnt freaky enough, seeing them with some spots gone and then bigger ones show up was freaky. so we had to talk about the different options i have. basically we narrowed it down to copaxone or rebif. i'm going to go with copaxone. even though i have to give myself a shot every day, i wont get the flu like symptoms like the other shots. i'm not going to start on them until the first of the year because thats when my insurance will change over to blue cross blue shield. hopefully i will have a new job by then.lastly dustin.dustin dustin dustin. i have been trying so hard to not get my heart so involved and just avoiding commitment and any sort of other stuff i'm terrified again but i did it. i pulled a cute one and wrote "will you be my boyfriend check one: []yes []no or []maybe" and passed it to him at my parents place last night. he wrote "[x] hells yeah!" i met his dad and step mom, brother and his wife and their two kids. its pretty crazy since stuff has been going on since the end of august. its amazing how simple and normal things are. they are also very intense. dustin has this rock and roll edge to him but he is by far the sweetest and most thoughtful person i have ever met. its not just a show he is a genuine person. he doesnt do things to suck up to me or my family. he just is who he is. a little background on dustin, he is an amazing artist, i love his ideas and his unique style, he also went to the minneapolis college of art and design for animation. right now he's a superviser for matress giant. he loves going to concerts and makes the best mixed cds ever. he does all of the little things that i have been waiting so long for someone to do for me. its so nice to find somone that gets me and likes doing the cute things as much as i do (although he as totally one up'd met everytime!) he also lives in hudson which is far away and it sucks but it gives us time to talk on the phone and really get to know each other. after meeting his family this weekend i now realize why i couldnt possibly try to pry him away from that. i could blab about him some more but there is no need to gush because i'm probably grossing everyone out. but yeah check out the pictures in my photo albums and see for yourself

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