Saturday, January 7, 2012

on a postive note...

I started acupuncture at the end of the year. I have gone through 2 treatments now and will have 3 more. It will be interesting to see what my insurance covers, i looked it up and it said I would only be allowed 10 treatments per year. who made up that rule seriously? My acupuncturist said that my body has responded well to the treatments, and I have noticed a change in the numbness in my right leg too. I am so used to giving myself injections that these needles feel like nothing compared to that.

Sixx and I have made a few trips to the dog park this week since it feels like october outside. its good excersize for the both of us since i need to be walking a lot. the dog park is so beautiful, i could sit there all day and paint with all of the trees and pond... but i need to keep an eye on Sixx :) I am hoping to take him there a lot more once it warms up more. Right now its a little muddy so he has had 3 baths already this week since he sleeps with us.

I signed my MS walk team up for the Minneapolis Walk this year, I want something that is exciting and fun. This will be the big Twin Cities walk and I have heard a lot of good things about it from the 20's and 30's group.

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