Thursday, January 5, 2012


MS health update on me

I am fine :) I recently had an MRI and it came back with new active lesions, the one i had 2 years ago was considered "stable" This disease is so unpredictable and you never know when it is going to say "hello". I have been taking Copaxone for 4 years now, which is a nightly injection. It has prevented me from having relapses, but it is not doing what it needs to do from preventing new lesions from forming. My neurologist wanted to meet with me right away and discuss the next steps for what i should do. She said I should switch to Rebif which will help stop new lesions from forming as well as relapses. This will be a 3 times a week/every other day injection. I will also have to have my liver enzymes tested every month or so i think and no, i cant be pregnant while being on it in case any of you want to keep asking when we are having kids :-p I also may get flu like symptoms which dustin gets to take care of me with that hehe.

I was a little surprised to find out about my MRI because i feel fine, but even when you feel fine that doesnt mean everything is fine. Then i thought about it a little bit and realized that i have had a lot of stress over the past 12 month with me getting thrown on to a team for work that is extremely stressful, planning a wedding, dustin getting layed off twice, buying a house, getting thrown back into the office in eau claire for most of the summer. so all of that must have added up to me having some more snow flakes on my brain and spinal cord. my continuing symptoms that i have are fatigue, i get tingling through out my back that feels like i have a bugs crawling on me, and balance...ask me to walk on my heels or tipy toes... its interesting. as you know, when you see me, i look fine :)

so yeah, i'm not having a relapse, i dont have progressive ms, and i am not dying...yay!

i am getting back on the crazy amount of vitamin supplements (i slacked for the last 4 months) and need to re-evaluate my eating habits and try to exercise more. with the support of my husband, family and friends i should be able to get through it. I'll be starting on Rebif in about 2 weeks and will have to get and MRI in another 6 months, i also had blood work done too to see what my vitamin D, B12 and liver levels are at too.

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