Thursday, January 5, 2012


so how are you doing amber? fine thanks for asking

March 26, 2008 at 7:00pm
so we're coming up on a month since i've moved home. i think it was a good descision. i feel so much more relaxed and more emotionally balanced. i can do things at MY pace. i have been working out almost every day. i was doing it about twice a week and going to these classes with my mom and sister. yeah i had enough of that gay crap. the step class is not my thing, trying to do triple axels off of these "step things" was enough to make me decide to not do it. i got way too confused. i will be doing the yoga and pilates classes though. instead i meet up with my dad at 4:15 after he gets done with work and work out with him for an hour. that way i have someone to work out with and it will get him to not go so fast and kill himself off on the eliptical machine. during the day i have been filling out paperwork, i'm going to try to get some sort of disability if i can. after getting threatened to get written up or fired at my previous job every day for forgetting stuff or being confused, why the heck not? not to mention i havent had much feeling in both of my hands for the past two months. it has prevented me from writing, DRAWING and lifting because i cant figure out what my strength is. that being said, today was my 2nd day of steroid treatment. i am already improving with my hands. i'm very excited to draw again and maybe paint. i love luther midlefort. everyone there is awesome and knows what they're doing. when i had my relapse in february meriter had me there for THREE hours getting steroid treatments and there i am here for 45 minutes. then i picked up a little art project and made a quick $30 since the RN needed help with a project for his grad school class. if anyone has anything they want me to do, ask me now while i'm not working. that way you will have it done in a timely fashion. lets call it march madness where i will give you a good deal just so i have something to do :)in other stuff with the job situation. i have an over the phone job interview for a company where i will have the opportunity to work at home. i think this will be a good thing. plan of action with this: live at home until i get all of my debt settled (which is not as bad as at sounds, only 2 g's ) and then relocate to hudson and live with dustin. i have also applied for a job at the chippewa valley newspapers for a web design/artist job. so i'm waiting on that. its been advertised since i have moved here. i dont know flash well enough and i dont know basic java scropt, other than that, i am golden. i'm hoping they will be desperate enough to hired me. in that case, i will live at home until i cant stand it anymore, which shouldnt take long since i feel like i'm living in a closet. bad bad bad feng shui! it has been nice being around my parents, eating normal meals, making awesome protein shakes for my mom and i ( my dad is afraid of protein shakes and claims he doesnt need them...whatever), chilling in the basement at night and watching american idol (i'm rooting for david cook, he's hot and he has good tase in music), new being stress free. however i have a lack of social life and that is driving me nuts. i have done amsterdam and i have charter on demandddddd! i also get to see my sister and adam a lot, PLUS BISCOTTI! so that has been nice.that is all, i'm on steriods, getting my health back and karaoke since i was in madison 2 weeks ago and i cant handle it. I NEED TO SING AND DANCE.

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