Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Colors, New Blender

I changed the color to be more "MS" colors and a little less depressing than the black, being an artist i should use a little bit of color right?

I used to have a "bullet" to make smoothies with, but it wasnt the actual bullet that you see on infommercials and i never used it, so when we moved into our house Dustin had me get rid of it.

today when i was at target I decided i should make get another one for my dynamic greens I take and try to make some healthy smoothies again. its a south beach diet single serve blender that you can drink right from the glass instead of dirtying another glass and having a million pieces like blender. it was only 17.99 so i thought it was a good deal. hopefully it will work.

Like i had said before , i am not going to go on a crazy strict diet for my MS, life is too short for that. But I am going to eat what I like that is healthy, especially during the day during the week

I made an anti inflammatory trail mix. I kind of just winged it and didnt go by a recipe. I went by foods that I like that i thought would be good together. How I made it

I mixed together almonds and walnuts, melted coconut oil and poured it into a plastic container and shook it up so that all of the coconut oil got all over the nuts. then I sprinkled in cinnamon then shook that up. then i poured craisons and blueberry infused craisons in and shook that up.

it turned out pretty good. I would like to try a little bit sweeter oil though or figure something out since i am used to most trail mixes having a bunch of sugar and candy in them.

today i worked on the guest bedroom/my art studio. I was able to set up my cricut on another table, my sewing machine and now my drawing desk is clear so i can start painting. I figured i have tv shows 5 nights a week now, I might as well be productive and hopefully it will discipline myself to make art again. watching tv might make me more calm while i do this attempt. I still have to have Dustin hang up stuff for me, hopefully I can get him to do that tomorrow and then the room will be complete!

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