Thursday, February 9, 2012

magnesium, forum, vacation

I started adding more magnesium into my supplements, so I have been taking 3 400 mg a day. it seems to help the pain and numbness a lot. Still though, I am having twitches randomly in my arms and hands so that is fun... not really. I have had pain in my hands and my arms too and it makes it hard to move the mouse at times and type... which is great for work. I really feel like my medication is doing next to nothing to me. I have noticed no improvement since starting it and i dread taking it even the 3 times a week because he hurt so bad and the redness. I have a MRI at the beginning of march and then a follow up appointment so i and just trying to put up with everything until i know what the MRI says.

I am on an MS forum now which has been wonderful to talk to others all around the world that have MS and their stories. I have learned a lot from others and what they do that works and doesnt work for them. its also nice to know that its not just me that is having issues with their medications.

my mom and i are going to cancun in 2 weeks, i cant wait to get some natural Vitamin D and just to relax and not thing about anything stressful.

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  1. Hi sweetie, I am new to the "chronic" pain world. I found you from Lisa at Brass and Ivory. Hope your day is beautiful and blessed.