Thursday, February 9, 2012

magnesium, forum, vacation

I started adding more magnesium into my supplements, so I have been taking 3 400 mg a day. it seems to help the pain and numbness a lot. Still though, I am having twitches randomly in my arms and hands so that is fun... not really. I have had pain in my hands and my arms too and it makes it hard to move the mouse at times and type... which is great for work. I really feel like my medication is doing next to nothing to me. I have noticed no improvement since starting it and i dread taking it even the 3 times a week because he hurt so bad and the redness. I have a MRI at the beginning of march and then a follow up appointment so i and just trying to put up with everything until i know what the MRI says.

I am on an MS forum now which has been wonderful to talk to others all around the world that have MS and their stories. I have learned a lot from others and what they do that works and doesnt work for them. its also nice to know that its not just me that is having issues with their medications.

my mom and i are going to cancun in 2 weeks, i cant wait to get some natural Vitamin D and just to relax and not thing about anything stressful.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Things I want to make to make a living

Hair Pieces with feathers, I made my own for my wedding and will be making a bunch for a friends wedding that I am the matron of honor in.

Chalkboards using cupboard door- my dad has a pile of cupboard doors he is never going to use, so i might as well make something cool and profitable out of them.

bath product. i need to learn how to make my own bath products since i take so many and then i could create my own label with my graphic design skills

painting furniture- i love doing it, trying to fit something around lots of corners and shapes.

flax seed heat up throws and packs. I practically sleep with my flax seed shawl every night and they are so dang expensive to buy. but i will learn how.... and them sell them

steampunk stuffies.... i've already started on these and they are a lot of fun. i love the steampunk style. i just need to get my sewing machine working :)

If i could make $500 a month on doing all of these awesome things and ideas.... i wouldnt have to work sinc e it would pay for my medical bills and massages. a girl can dream right?
I havent gotten much of a chance to write much recently.

I went to the MS Annual convention in Minneapolis this weekend. The usual drug companies were there and some other companies that help people that are completely disabled. The MS Achievement Center was there and they are a place in St Paul. They have classes you can take including gardening, yoga and fatigue management. ofcourse as long as I am working full time and the schedule that I have, i wont be able to do any of it.

I am working on Dustin putting me on his health insurance and me looking for a part time job. the biggest issue is that he wants me to make the same amount of money that i am making now. do you know of part time work that pays over $20 an hour, that does have me stand on my feet all the time or lift heavy stuff? yeah i didnt think so. sometimes i think we need a financial advisor and my neurologist in one room to talk to us and let him know that this stress is too much for me.

i've slightly gotten better with my numbness. my fatigue is pretty extreme though. i no more than finish up work at 4pm and go right to the couch. its annoying that i dont have the energy all the time to do all of the creative things that i want to do.

i'm starting up a different dose of vitamins as soon as i get the shipment of them. I am excited to start 5,000 IUs of vitamin D and straight b12. Along with Pro-Enz which has a lot of anti imflammatory stuff in it and Fish Oil I am hoping that will help with the fatigue.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


sometimes this disease really annoys the crap out of me. no one know the cause of it.... but there are all of these theories, no one knows how to completely treat it but there are all of these medicines that can work for some and not for others. now i am finding out that some vitamins you should take and others you should stay away from.

i went to a seminar on thursday that was put on by my neurologist and she spoke about symptoms and symptom management. some stuff i knew already but others i didnt know. so I have been taking a nutrition pack of vitamins that are a multi vitamin, fish oil, vitamin d magnesium then i have been taking about 40000 IU's of vitamin D, an anti inflammatory that has bromolein, ginger something and rosemary something and a B complex vitamin that has B 12, B12, folic acid.... ect

plus i am taking my interferon medicine Rebif.

and I feel worse than I have ever felt with my MS in within these last 6 months.

I feel like i have done all of this research and trying to figure out what works best and what other people do for this disease and how people manage and live. Which is part of why i started this blog in the first place. I bore Dustin to death with him hearing about MS and hearing about my aches and pains so this gives me a place to put all of it.

Basically I should really only be taking vitamin D and maybe B12. Good thing I am pretty much finished with the vitamins that I had anyways. There isnt a specific MS diet that I should be on other that to try to eat healthy. So I shouldnt worry about a Glueten Free, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Raw..... any of that stuff that is out there. Its hard when every one that has been diagnosed with MS has different symptoms and different levels of all of their nutrients so there isnt going to be one particular thing that is going to work for everyone

I am still having the numbness, tingles and pain in both of my legs. I had to ride with a friend back to my home town to go bridesmaid dress shopping because I knew i couldnt handle an hour and a half of driving. If I am still walking as bad as I have been since friday, I will probably be calling my neurologist.

It sucks when you feel like these extreme MS medications arent working and then you have the thought of "what if I am getting progressive MS" going on in the back of my head. I still cant get used to the pain of the needle when i give myself the shots on the top of my thighs. I makes me miss being on Copaxone.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

you put your left leg in, you put your left leg out...

ugh, so now my left foot is starting to do the burning itchy thing while my other leg is still stiff and doing the post relapse awesomeness (well its not really awesome, but you know...) i took a bath hoping it would help but nothing so far, we'll see if my BFF ibuprofen will help out. I went shopping at all of my favorite stores today to get all inspired to do some artsy stuff. i made it to joann fabrics, pier 1, and michaels and then i was tired and ready to come back home. i made a hair piece for my sisters flapper and casino themed birthday party. i think it turned out pretty well and I have gotten some nice compliments on it. I also tried out my new little blender and made a peach and orange smoothy, yum! I spent the rest of the day relaxing even though I had other things I wanted to do. at least we have MLK off tomorrow so i can try to finish some more projects.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Colors, New Blender

I changed the color to be more "MS" colors and a little less depressing than the black, being an artist i should use a little bit of color right?

I used to have a "bullet" to make smoothies with, but it wasnt the actual bullet that you see on infommercials and i never used it, so when we moved into our house Dustin had me get rid of it.

today when i was at target I decided i should make get another one for my dynamic greens I take and try to make some healthy smoothies again. its a south beach diet single serve blender that you can drink right from the glass instead of dirtying another glass and having a million pieces like blender. it was only 17.99 so i thought it was a good deal. hopefully it will work.

Like i had said before , i am not going to go on a crazy strict diet for my MS, life is too short for that. But I am going to eat what I like that is healthy, especially during the day during the week

I made an anti inflammatory trail mix. I kind of just winged it and didnt go by a recipe. I went by foods that I like that i thought would be good together. How I made it

I mixed together almonds and walnuts, melted coconut oil and poured it into a plastic container and shook it up so that all of the coconut oil got all over the nuts. then I sprinkled in cinnamon then shook that up. then i poured craisons and blueberry infused craisons in and shook that up.

it turned out pretty good. I would like to try a little bit sweeter oil though or figure something out since i am used to most trail mixes having a bunch of sugar and candy in them.

today i worked on the guest bedroom/my art studio. I was able to set up my cricut on another table, my sewing machine and now my drawing desk is clear so i can start painting. I figured i have tv shows 5 nights a week now, I might as well be productive and hopefully it will discipline myself to make art again. watching tv might make me more calm while i do this attempt. I still have to have Dustin hang up stuff for me, hopefully I can get him to do that tomorrow and then the room will be complete!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

spaghetti o's?

I decided to look up foods that have high vitamin D since with having MS you are vitamin D deficient. Somethings I found pretty interesting :)