Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Things I want to make to make a living

Hair Pieces with feathers, I made my own for my wedding and will be making a bunch for a friends wedding that I am the matron of honor in.

Chalkboards using cupboard door- my dad has a pile of cupboard doors he is never going to use, so i might as well make something cool and profitable out of them.

bath product. i need to learn how to make my own bath products since i take so many and then i could create my own label with my graphic design skills

painting furniture- i love doing it, trying to fit something around lots of corners and shapes.

flax seed heat up throws and packs. I practically sleep with my flax seed shawl every night and they are so dang expensive to buy. but i will learn how.... and them sell them

steampunk stuffies.... i've already started on these and they are a lot of fun. i love the steampunk style. i just need to get my sewing machine working :)

If i could make $500 a month on doing all of these awesome things and ideas.... i wouldnt have to work sinc e it would pay for my medical bills and massages. a girl can dream right?

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