Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I havent gotten much of a chance to write much recently.

I went to the MS Annual convention in Minneapolis this weekend. The usual drug companies were there and some other companies that help people that are completely disabled. The MS Achievement Center was there and they are a place in St Paul. They have classes you can take including gardening, yoga and fatigue management. ofcourse as long as I am working full time and the schedule that I have, i wont be able to do any of it.

I am working on Dustin putting me on his health insurance and me looking for a part time job. the biggest issue is that he wants me to make the same amount of money that i am making now. do you know of part time work that pays over $20 an hour, that does have me stand on my feet all the time or lift heavy stuff? yeah i didnt think so. sometimes i think we need a financial advisor and my neurologist in one room to talk to us and let him know that this stress is too much for me.

i've slightly gotten better with my numbness. my fatigue is pretty extreme though. i no more than finish up work at 4pm and go right to the couch. its annoying that i dont have the energy all the time to do all of the creative things that i want to do.

i'm starting up a different dose of vitamins as soon as i get the shipment of them. I am excited to start 5,000 IUs of vitamin D and straight b12. Along with Pro-Enz which has a lot of anti imflammatory stuff in it and Fish Oil I am hoping that will help with the fatigue.

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